Your organisation - your rules!

Hi all, 

OK so if you are reading this then hopefully you are at least vaguely interested in the DataCity proposition. For the last year or so a relatively small number of us (a coalition of the willing) have been battling to make this a real 'thing' and we're pleased to say that we are now nearing an official launch. 

We've been thinking hard about what the right type of vehicle for this vision should be, we've considered almost every option possible and have for the time being at least settled upon a not for profit company limited by guarantee (see this link if you're not sure what that is ). 

The reasons we've chosen this vehicle are more or less as follows:

  • This is for the interested elements of our city, a shareholder owned organisation didn't feel right.
  • We wanted a structure that allowed new members to join all the time and could be as inclusive as possible.
  • We need a low cost, low administration overhead vehicle.
  • We need an organisation that can hold a bank account, raise invoices and make payments and hopefully one day employ staff.
  • We need a vehicle that enabled a wide range of organisations and individuals to join as possible from major corporations, SME's, Academic institutions, Local Government and other public sector bodies, Charities and individuals. A membership organisation makes the most sense to us today. 
  • We didn't want this to seem like it was 'owned' by any one person or organisation, as a membership organisation it will always be owned by its members.

Once we have set this up, we need people and organisations to join, at first this will be a fairly loose process, but we will then be looking to those members to help us define our charter, governance, membership criteria and levels (we've posted some initial thoughts here but this is all open to debate and your input).

If you are interested in getting involved, please let us know via our contact form and we'll keep you updated as we progress.

Thanks for reading this

The DataCity team