IoTUK|Boost ideas

We've run two events now — in Leeds, and Bradford. We've heard from dozens of businesses, makers, innovators, and city leaders. We've spoken with over a hundred attendees. We've got both challenges and ideas on how to solve them using IoT.

At ODILeeds on the 11th and 12th of February we're going to build a lot of the ideas we've come up with. Everyone's welcome but if you're an SME we can offer even more support if you sign-up now.

Before the 11th I wanted to collect some of the thoughts from our preliminary events. It's just a long list and I've love to add things that you think I've missed.

  • Internet-connected electro-fusion welders. These will give instant feedback on the quality of the joins in the plastic pipes that carry our water, gas, cables, and oil underground.
  • Monster Mesh networking boxes. These will tackle isolation by creating a truly local social network with minimal set-up.
  • NFCRing to securely prove your identity. This secure system could be applied to unlock your phone or unlock doors in a hospital.
  • A connected playbox to bring play to communities everywhere. It would inform people of its presence and response to their requests.
  • Playful IoT applications like trackable ducks to measure potholes or trackable toys to run a toy library.
  • Bus beacons to turn digital bus timetables into physical and understandable tools.
  • Pollution and location monitoring boxes attached to buses to help us understand our city better.
  • The Things Network, built on LoRaWAN, to tie everything together in a free and open way.
  • The Republic of Things to provide the expertise, security, and local knowledge to run a trusted and reliable Internet of Things company. From connectivity to database management they offer it.
  • Amazon Web Services, to provide a massively scalable backend for IoT using the tools that developers already understand. Amazon's IoT starter kits are a great introduction to IoT.

What ideas have I missed? Send me an email at and I'll add them! I'm particularly interested in the challenge that Bradford City Council have set to use IoT to help us improve education and skills in our region. If you've got a great idea I'll help you build it.